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SportDiscount, Freestyle ski shop,
longboard skateboard and scooter

Our online ski shop freestyle, longboard skateboard and scooter is based in Lausanne since 1993.

With our experience and know-how in the field, we offer high quality materials and equipment that will contribute to your safety and comfort.

To ski properly and to enjoy the snow while indulging in your favorite activities, you will find everything you need on our website, including ski equipment for children, men and women.

The choice is wide to meet all your expectations, whether you are a seasoned off-piste or you make your grand baptism of winter sport.

Enjoy the joys of winter sports
thanks to Sport Discount

To spend an unforgettable winter while avoiding hibernation, the best way to do it is to have fun outside, one discovers then with pleasures the snow. For this, there is a whole range of winter sports that can be practiced very well on powder.

Freestyle skiing will certainly make you happy if you are a snow-capped enthusiast to realize all the freestyle figures. Longboard skiing or skateboarding will make you discover new sensations of gliding. To entertain you otherwise, you will also like to practice the scooter.

All equipment and materials to indulge freely and securely to these sports, you will find them in our different selections. You will discover a whole collection of equipment for skiing. You can do your research from many criteria, and you can opt for materials alone or in pack with bindings.

On our website, everything is done to meet all your requirements. Thanks to our online ski shop, you will experience the sensations of skiing, you will find the pleasure of skiing, you push your own limits, and you will discover the beauty of the snow-covered mountains and the snow-covered slopes.

Why opt for the purchase
online ski equipment?

By opting for online purchase of ski equipment and equipment, you only benefit from it. Thanks to our store, buying ski is really child's play.

From your home or office, you choose quietly the equipment you need, you validate your orders, and you pay. As soon as possible, you will have your equipment for skiing in the high mountains at the address you indicated.

This saves a lot of time because you do not have to run around to find what you really want, and that's all to your advantage if you have a busy job. However, before validating your purchases, do not forget the importance of the essential accessories to complete your ski equipment. You will find on our website different models of walking sticks for all sizes, helmets, various bindings and other accessories of all kinds. Everyone finds his account: the pros, the beginners, the freestylers ...

In case of questions or for more information, you can talk with one of our advisers to guide your choice. Also, when buying online, prices are often lower even if there are shipping costs. So, go to our online store!

Choose your materials and equipment
ski with Sport Discount

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert, our online freestyle ski shop, longboard skateboard and scooter, has everything you need to satisfy your needs. But the purchase of materials and equipment online requires some clarification on your level of skiing, your physical conditions and your desires.

Skiers in the process of learning will have fun on the snow with skis adapted for them, it brings them maneuverability, safety, comfort and stability. Intermediate skiers who have been practicing for less than a week will select skis that are forgiving and versatile so that they can rectify their technical mistakes. Advanced skiers who are always on the hunt for performance and who ski at high speed will use stable gear at high speed. With their responsiveness during the changes of direction as well as their technicality, they will experience new sensations and new pleasures with the equipment of our store.

For expert skiers who already know their strengths, their desires and their ambitions and who master the ski techniques very well, they will opt for more technical equipment, more incisive and more practical. These are very good models for them. Trust our consultants to find equipment and materials tailored to your needs, they remain available for all your questions.

Why buy your ski equipment
on Sports Discount?

Sports Discount, freestyle online ski shop, longboard skateboard and scooter, has been the specialist of winter sports in Lausanne since 1993.

We offer a range of equipment and equipment for skiing and riding, whatever your level and your desires in terms of skiing. Whether for purchase or for rent, you will discover everything. There is a wide range of top-class freeride, freestyle, freeride, hiking and all mountain skiing: Ski Line, Ski Rossignol, Ski Head, Ski Liberty, Ski Dynastars, Ski Atomic, Ski Elan ... But again, Sports Discount offers also other services like textile printing, ski repair service ...

The products for rent and sale are all of high quality to ensure your safety and comfort on the snowy slopes. So do not wait any longer to visit our online freestyle ski shop, skateboard longboard and scooter and find your happiness!