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  • 1'599.00 CHF

    1'599.00 CHF
  • 2'399.00 CHF

    Evolve GT Carbon All-Terrain

    2'399.00 CHF
  • 249.00 CHF

    Evolve GT / GTX Street Kit

    249.00 CHF
  • 2'299.00 CHF

    Evolve GT Carbon Street

    2'299.00 CHF
  • 1'939.00 CHF

    Evolve Bamboo GTX Street

    1'939.00 CHF
  • 1'969.00 CHF

    Evolve Bamboo GTX All-Terrain

    1'969.00 CHF
  • 2'209.00 CHF

    If ever the Evolve Carbon GT and the Bamboo GT had a love child, this would be it!  The Bamboo GTX series combines the high performance attributes of the Carbon GT and morphs these features into a slick new looking Bamboo deck. We overhauled the Bamboo GT deck with a massive lithium battery whilst fine tuning the deck flex and laser cutting the grip-tape....

    2'209.00 CHF
  • 1'399.00 CHF

    Evolve GT Carbon Street - 2000 Watt Outrunner Motor- Range: 35 km- 35-42km/h Top Speed (depending on wheel/gear)- Hill climbing of up to 20% gradient (insanely steep!)- Remote with smooth stepless acceleration and 4 modes- can be delivered in 2 weeks- limited numbers, preorder early to get ONE!

    1'399.00 CHF
  • 1'699.00 CHF

    Evolve GT Carbon Street - 3000 Watt Dual Outrunner Motors.- Range: 20 km- 35-42km/h Top Speed (depending on wheel/gear).- Hill climbing of up to 25% gradient (insanely steep!)- LCD-Screen-Remote- delivery time if you order now: 7 days- limited numbers, order early to get one!

    1'699.00 CHF
  • 299.00 CHF

    Evolve GT/GTX All-Terrain Kit 

    299.00 CHF
Résultats 1 - 10 sur 10.